Friday 7 January 2011

Some do's & dont's for my Mexican Adventure

Must get some of this whatever it is.
Need to avoid this guy.
May have to update my lingerie.
This place looks like fun.
Okay, all right...I'm sorry...I won't do it again.
Be reminded that color is NOT a bad thing.
So pretty in the details.
Must remember to look up.


ingrid said...

oooOOOoooo - you sound very excited!!!!! have fun!!

kevel88 said...

Brush up on your Spanish. I don't think you will get much response with your Sicilian. Can I sleep in? Won't be getting me up to go for a run, will ya?


ingrid said...

Saw your comment,thanks.

I suppose any city will have crime, and cities are where the work is. I love Philadelphia for so many reasons, so I try to focus on those things. I feel horribly uncomfortable in suburbs and really detest commuting, so I've been in the city most of my adult life.

Now you know why I adore all of your peaceful photographs and your daily scenery.

I mean, the city keeps one grounded in that it's hard to ignore the harsh and sad realities of life, but I think at a certain age I will reach a point of seeing enough to never forget.

I used to think I'd never leave the city, but I think now that if I could live in a cabin in the woods, I would.

For now, me and my puppy make the most of what we have. For the most part, the park is very lovely, that was one horrible day I hope is never repeated.

as always, thank you for your compasion.

Dog By Nature said...

That sounds like it's going to be an awesome time. Looking forward to updates!

ingrid said...

Again- thanks for your words. On both Indiana, and my . .. . "quest for home" I guess. I am indeed very glad to have had Indiana. Very glad. I wouldn't be here today to save Scarlett if it weren't for Indie.

As to the cabin in the woods.. . well, here's hoping. For now I have to stay put where the money is. Until then - that's what vacations are for!!

Like MEXICO!!!!!